Sunday, 6 February 2011

Lint Collecting and Samples

Collecting pocket lint :3

Samples of various substances around the home :)
Need one more colour theme though :/

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Frisbee and Whatnot!

This is what the journal looks like after a game of frisbee in the park
with Hollie whilst it's raining

The Journal after  blow-dry with the hairdryer!

Journal Wrecking Before Choir :)

Mine and Toran's amazing artwork which was left it the rain

Scribbling on the edge of the Journal

True 'dat ;)

Toran climbed up high (to the top of the stairs at least)
and dropped the journal! 

Toran... er... Chewed this page.

Ripping and Pencil poking!

Ripped up page :D

A slightly coffee stained, pencil poked page :3

Dirt, Coffee and Scrubbing

This is the page where me and Hollie had to scrub the book on a wall
because no one had a sponge handy!

This is the page me and Hollie rubbed in too much mud, so we had to
drag the page along the wall to get some of the mud off!

This is the page where I 'flung' my Dad's coffee :)

Destructive Movements!

My sudden, destructive, unpredictable movement with the journal was throwing it... repeatedly. The photos are of the journal in mid-flight! It took ages to get a photo of the journal in the air! 

Emily's Wreckage!

Emily's destructive side coming out.